Inside the Classroom: Brenda Engle at Westwind Elementary

Inside the Classroom: Brenda Engle at Westwind Elementary

By Angela Howard

Tools, tools, tools! Power tools, hand tools -there are many different kinds of tools. Mrs. Engle’s Pre-K classroom has been learning about types of tools and how they are used.

Out of all of the tools the pre-k class has studied, the students have enjoyed learning about kitchen tools the most.

Mrs. Engle enlisted the help of another teacher, Mrs. Johnson, who dressed as chef complete with a chef hat and apron. The duo then transformed the pre-k classroom into a professional style kitchen. One table housed kitchen tools and cooking ingredients while all of the other tables were decorated with placemats (that they could color later), cute napkins and plates, a chef hat for each student and the ingredients to make a cookie!

After listening to a wonderful story about how to make cookies, students helped Mrs. Engle and Mrs. Johnson read and follow the recipe to make their own chocolate chip cookies. While making the cookies, the students made sure they followed the instructions exactly. When the cookies were finished, the children went to the tables, put on their own chef hat, and decorated the cookies using kitchen tools. They said they used the following tools: measuring spoons, teaspoons, measuring cups, bowls, spoons, spatulas and a mixer.

When asked what their favorite part of the lesson was, there were mixed answers. Many said decorating and eating the cookies was their favorite, but one student said her favorite part was “seeing the machine that spins around and makes the cookies so smelly. And then adding chocolate chips and spinning again!”

Mrs. Engle and Mrs. Johnson worked hard to teach students about kitchen tools, the importance of reading so they would learn how to use the right tools for the right job, and how following instructions makes everything turn out wonderful and sometimes very tasty!

This lesson is an example of the Engage portion of the FISD Instructional Model – TIGERS Learning Framework. More information about the TIGERS framework can be found here.