Crestview Kindergartners Keeping Others Warm this Winter

Crestview Kindergartners Keeping Others Warm this Winter

Kindergarten classes at Crestview Elementary had a coat, hat and mitten drive for a local non-profit organization that provides clothing to children put into foster care. Much of the time, the children arrive at their foster home with only the clothes they had on when they were taken from their homes, so it’s important for the community to help.

And that’s just what the students at Crestview did.

Emery, Kayt and Hollis Ingram

With warm hearts, the students at Crestview sought out to warm hands in the most impactful way possible. They gathered as many pairs of gloves, coats and hats as they could, including one student and her family who took it a step further to raise funds of their own to pay for more clothing.

Hollis Ingram in Mrs. Wilson’s class enlisted her sisters, Emery (3rd grade) and Kayt (5th grade) and their mom to make salsa to sell allowing them to buy more of the items needed. The Salsa Sisters with the kindergartners of Crestview contributed to the overall total of:

  • 87 pairs of gloves
  • 16 coats
  • 28 hats

Many children will benefit from their act of serving others this winter. In addition to the charitable impact they made, they incorporated the activity into an extension of their study of data collection and graphing.

Thank you, Crestview, for being a shining example of The Frenship Way by showing us your giving spirits.