Inside the Classroom: Kristi Britt at Bennett

Inside the Classroom: Kristi Britt at Bennett

Kristi Britt used local resources to increase the level of hands-on learning in her science class! Students at Bennett Elementary have enjoyed using the “Igneous Is Bliss” Traveling Lab from Texas Tech University CISER: Center for the Integration of STEM Education & Research. Read the Q&A feature below to learn more about the classroom experience.

Q: What are the traveling labs?
Britt: The traveling labs are fully equipped and supplied STEM activities for elementary, middle, and high school classrooms offered by Texas Tech University CISER: Center for the Integration of STEM Education and Research.

Q: What does this study teach students?
Britt: We used this particular lab to focus on how landforms are a result of changes to Earth’s surface by weathering, erosion, and deposition caused by the Agents of WED: wind, water, waves, and ice.

Q: How did this activity come about?
Britt: I found out about the CISER Traveling Labs by attending a workshop at Region 17 this past summer. I went specifically for the training for this lab but then found several other traveling labs that were aligned with the TEKS covered in 5th grade. This is actually the 3rd traveling lab I have used this school year.

Q: What was the students’ reaction?
Britt: The students loved the hands-on activities included in this lab! They especially enjoyed the electronic stream table where they were able to see weathering, erosion, and deposition occurring within the classroom. They even got to see a Delta form from the deposition of the sediment (sand) dropped off!

Q: What is your favorite part about the activity?
Britt: I loved having the stream table for students to observe and make predictions on what they think was going to happen as the sediment was carried downstream. I also love the fact that CISER provides everything needed for the unit-from all the supplies you will need to lesson plans to help guide your teaching!