Westwind Students Revved Up for National Nascar Day

Westwind Students Revved Up for National Nascar Day

By Angela Howard

Friday was National Nascar Day. Students at Westwind Elementary were all revved up because they were able to interview Nascar’s Justin Allgaier, Brandt #7, live online. One student in particular, Malakai McGee, was thrilled when he was chosen to be the interviewer since he aspires to one day become a Nascar race driver himself.

Students spent this last week coming up with a list of questions pertaining to Nascar and Mr. Allgaier in particular. Mr. Allgaier was very kind, friendly, and easy to talk to. He told Westwind about his sweet family, his incredible car, his large and very important crew, how race car driving works, and how he became a Nascar race car driver. Students learned that he started racing at age five though it wasn’t car racing nor Nascar race driving since people can’t do that until they are 16 and have a driver’s license.

When asked what advice he would give school aged children, he responded, “Most importantly, when it comes to school, for me, it was always giving 100%.” He said that having a good work ethic when you are young sets a precedent for how you will live when you grow up. He told the students that all the subjects they are learning, whether it be math, reading, science, etc., are all important in whatever career path students will choose or just life in general. He encouraged them to work hard in all subjects.

Students were thrilled to learn many fascinating facts about Mr. Allgaier and Nascar racing on National Nascar Day. When the interview was over, Malakai was presented with an autographed Allgaier hat. This was definitely a winning day for him and all the students at Westwind.